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The GetPacket method retrieves a packet from the packet list.


  HRESULT GetPacket(



[in] DWORD containing the index of the packet to retrieve.


[out] Pointer to a pointer to an IWMSPacket interface containing the returned packet.


[in] Member of the WMS_PACKET_LIST_EX_FLAGS enumeration type. This must be a bitwise OR of one or more of the following values.

Value Description
WMS_NO_ADDREF Reference counts should not be used with this packet.
WMS_PACKET_NO_ADDREF The reference count for the packet should not be incremented.
WMS_PACKET_NO_RELEASE The packet should not be released regardless of reference count.
WMS_PLIST_BUFFER_NO_ADDREF The reference count for the buffer should not be incremented.
WMS_PLIST_BUFFER_NO_RELEASE The buffer should not be released regardless of reference count.
WMS_PLIST_NO_ADDREF The reference count for the packet list should not be incremented.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, it returns S_OK. If it fails, it returns an HRESULT error code.

Return code Number Description
E_INVALIDARG 0x80070057 ppPacket is null or dwPacketNum is not a valid index location.


Header: wmspacket.h.

Library: WMSServerTypeLib.dll.

Platform: Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition; Windows Server 2008.

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