IWMSPublishingPoints.length (Visual Basic .NET)

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IWMSPublishingPoints.length (Visual Basic .NET)

The length property retrieves the number of IWMSPublishingPoint objects in the IWMSPublishingPoints collection.


  Integer = IWMSPublishingPoints.length

Property Value

Integer containing the number of IWMSPublishingPoint objects.


This property is read-only. This is the JScript version of the IWMSPublishingPoints.Count property. It is included for developers who are more comfortable with JScript syntax.

Example Code

Imports Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.Interop
Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

Private Sub GetCount()

    ' Declare variables.
    Dim Server As WMSServer
    Dim PubPoints As IWMSPublishingPoints
    Dim iCount As Integer

    ' Create the WMSServer object.
    Server = New WMSServer()

    ' Retrieve the IWMSPublishingPoints object.
    PubPoints = Server.PublishingPoints

    ' Retrieve the total count of publishing points.
    iCount = PubPoints.length

Catch excCom As COMException
    ' TODO: Handle COM exceptions.
Catch exc As Exception
    ' TODO: Handle errors.
    ' TODO: Clean-up code goes here.
End Try

End Sub


Reference: Add a reference to Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.

Namespace: Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.Interop.

Assembly: Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.dll.

Library: WMSServerTypeLib.dll.

Platform: Windows ServerĀ 2003 family, Windows ServerĀ 2008 family.

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