AnalogTVTuningSpace Object

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

AnalogTVTuningSpace Object

The AnalogTVTuningSpace object represents a tuning space for analog television.

Interfaces IAnalogTVTuningSpace
Outgoing Event Interfaces None
CLSID CLSID_AnalogTVTuningSpace


The Microsoft Unified Tuning Model supports analog tuning spaces, but there are no analog TV devices based on the Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA). When the Video Control receives an analog TV tune request, it gets the channel number and creates a WDM analog TV filter graph.

Applications should get this object from the SystemTuningSpaces collection; the CLSID is provided for clients that wish to create custom tuning spaces.

Tune request objects created by this tuning space support the ITuneRequest and IChannelTuneRequest interfaces.

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