clip Element

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

clip Element

The clip epecifies a media source.


<clip src="sample.avi" start="1:05" stop="1:42.5" mstart="30" />


clsid, framerate, lock, mlength, mstart, mstop, mute, src, start, stop, stream, stretchmode, userdata, userid, username

Parent/Child Information

Parent track
Children effect


The clsid attribute specifies the CLSID of a source filter to use as the source. Do not specify the src and clsid attributes within the same clip element.

Specify at least one start-time attribute (start or mstart) and one stop-time attribute (stop or mstop). If one of the start-time attributes is unspecified, it defaults to 0 (the beginning of the timeline for start, or the beginning of the clip for mstart). If one of the stop-time attributes is unspecified, DES assumes a normal playback rate and calculates the unspecified stop time accordingly. If both stop times are specified, playback is faster or slower than normal, if necessary.

In the following example, the timeline duration is seven seconds (stop minus start). Normal playback rate is assumed, so the media stop time defaults to 10 seconds (the duration plus mstart).

<clip start="2" stop="9" mstart="3" />  

In the next example, the media start time defaults to 0, forcing the media duration to be 10 seconds. The timeline duration is five seconds, so the clip plays back at twice the normal rate.

<clip start="5" stop="10" mstop="10" />  

If the src attribute specifies a still image, DES attempts to load a series of still images to create an animation. For example, if the src attribute is IMAGE001.BMP, DES looks for IMAGE002.BMP, IMAGE003.BMP, IMAGE004.BMP, and so on. Assuming they exist, they are displayed in sequential numerical order, at the rate specified by the framerate attribute.

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