Microsoft DirectShow 9.0


The GetSubpictureAttributes method retrieves the attributes of the specified subpicture stream in the specified title or menu.


  HRESULT GetSubpictureAttributes(
  ULONG ulStream,
  DVD_SubpictureAttributes *pAttributes



[in] Index number, from 0 through 31, of the subpicture stream to query. See Remarks.


[out] Pointer to a DVD_SubpictureAttributes structure that receives the subpicture attributes.

Return Values

Returns one of the following HRESULT values.

Return code Description
S_OK Success.
E_FAIL No subpicture streams were found.
E_POINTER Invalid argument.
VFW_E_DVD_NO_ATTRIBUTES The subpicture has no defined attributes.


The index numbers 0-31 are valid only for titles. Menus have only one subpicture stream, which must be specified using one of the constants in the table below:

Value Description
DVD_STREAM_DATA_CURRENT (0x800) To query the currently selected subpicture stream.
DVD_STREAM_DATA_VMGM (0x400) To query the subpicture attributes for the Video Manager or "Top" Menu.
DVD_STREAM_DATA_VTSM (0x401) To query the subpicture attributes for the currently selected Video Title Set Menu.

This method is demonstrated in the DVDSample application in CDvdCore::GetSPAttributes() and CSPLangDlg::GetSPLang.


Header: Declared in Strmif.h; include Dshow.h.

Library: Use Strmiids.lib.

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