IPMT Interface

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

IPMT Interface

The IPMT interface enables the client to get information from a program map table (PMT). The IAtscPsipParser::GetPMT method returns a pointer to this interface.

The PMT may contain one or more table-wide descriptors. In addition, each record in the PMT may have one or more descriptors. To get the table-wide descriptors, use the GetTableDescriptorByIndex or GetTableDescriptorByTag method. To get the record descriptors, use the GetRecordDescriptorByIndex or GetRecordDescriptorByTag method.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IPMT interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
ConvertNextToCurrent Converts a next table to a current table.
GetCountOfRecords Returns the number of records in the PMT.
GetCountOfTableDescriptors Returns the number of table-wide descriptors in the PMT.
GetNextTable Retrieves the next table that follows the current table.
GetPcrPid Returns the packet identifier (PID) of the packets that contain the Program Clock Reference (PCR) fields for this program.
GetProgramNumber Returns the program number for the PMT.
GetRecordCountOfDescriptors Returns the number of descriptors for a record in the PMT.
GetRecordDescriptorByIndex Retrieves a descriptor for a specified record in the PMT.
GetRecordDescriptorByTag Searches a record in the PMT for a descriptor with a specified descriptor tag.
GetRecordElementaryPid Returns the PID for a given elementary stream in the program.
GetRecordStreamType Returns the stream type for a given elementary stream in the program.
GetTableDescriptorByIndex Retrieves a table-wide descriptor for the PMT.
GetTableDescriptorByTag Searches the PMT for a table-wide descriptor with the specified descriptor tag.
GetVersionNumber Returns the version number for the PMT.
Initialize Initializes the object.
QueryMPEInfo Returns the Multi-Protocol Encapsulation (MPE) information in the PMT, if any.
QueryServiceGatewayInfo Returns the DSM-CC service gateway information in the PMT, if any.
RegisterForNextTable Registers the client to be notified when a next table arrives that will replace the current table.
RegisterForWhenCurrent Registers the client to be notified when the table becomes current.


Header: Include Mpeg2PsiParser.h.

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