Using the Media State Aggregation Service

This section contains information about using the media state aggregation service (MSAS) to retrieve media status information from the Windows Media Center software.

This documentation also describes the components of the MediaState managed assembly. It explains how to use the assembly's types to retrieve media status information, and provides a complete reference for the types exposed by the MediaState assembly. The assemblies are intended for use by OEMs that are developing drivers for front panel displays (FPDs) or similar devices that display media status, or by independent software vendors (ISVs) who are developing software that must receive information about the state of Windows Media Center.

This section includes the following subsections:

Topic Description
About the Media State Aggregation Service Includes an overview of the MSAS, explains how to retrieve media status information, and describes how to use the FileWriter sample application.
About MediaState Managed Assembly An overview of the structure of the MediaState managed assembly and the services that it provides.
Using MediaState in your Application Details on how to use the MediaState object in a .NET application.
Deployment and Configuration Details on deploying and configuring the MediaState assemblies along with your application.

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