Specifies the password to use when accessing the proxy server.

public void SetProxyPassword(
  String password
Public Sub SetProxyPassword( _
  ByVal password As String _
Implements IUpdateServerConfiguration.SetProxyPassword


  • password
    Password to use when accessing the proxy server.

Return Values

This method has no return values.


Exception type Condition
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException password cannot be greater than 255 characters.
System.ArgumentNullException password cannot be null.


WSUS securely encrypts the password for security reasons before storing the password in the database.

You cannot retrieve the password, you can only set it. To determine if the password is set, call IUpdateServerConfiguration.HasProxyPassword. To remove the password, set password to an empty string (String.Empty).

User credentials are used only if IUpdateServerConfiguration.UseProxy is true and IUpdateServerConfiguration.AnonymousProxyAccess is false.


Server Requires Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 Server SP4 and later.

Defined in Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.


Requires Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration (in Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.dll).

.NET Framework

Requires .NET Framework 1.1.

See Also

IUpdateServerConfiguration.HasProxyPassword, IUpdateServerConfiguration.ProxyUserName