InkCollector.Finalize Method

InkCollector.Finalize Method

Frees the resources of the current InkCollector object before it is reclaimed by the garbage collector.


Visual Basic .NET Overrides Protected Sub Finalize()
C# ~InkCollector();
Managed C++ ~InkCollector();


[C#] In C#, finalizers are expressed by using destructor syntax.

[Managed C++] In Managed C++, finalizers are expressed by using destructor syntax.

Note: to Inheritors When overriding the Finalize method in a derived class, call the Finalize method of the base class so that the object's resources are properly released.

This method overrides the Object.Finalize Leave Site method. Application code should not call this method; a InkCollector object's Finalize method is automatically invoked during garbage collection, unless finalization by the garbage collector has been disabled by a call to the GC.SuppressFinalize Leave Site method. For more information, see Finalize Methods and Destructors Leave Site, Cleaning Up Unmanaged Resources Leave Site, and Overriding the Finalize Method Leave Site, in the Microsoft® .NET Framework software development kit (SDK).