VertexInformation.GetDeclarationVertexSize(VertexElement[],Int32) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Returns the size of the vertex declaration for a flexible vertex format (FVF).


Visual Basic Public Shared Function GetDeclarationVertexSize( _
    ByVal declarator() As VertexElement, _
    ByVal stream As Integer _
) As Integer
C# public static int GetDeclarationVertexSize(
    VertexElement[] declarator,
    int stream
C++ public:
static int GetDeclarationVertexSize(
    array<VertexElement>^ declarator,
    int stream
JScript public static function GetDeclarationVertexSize(
    declarator : VertexElement[],
    stream : int
) : int;


declarator Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.VertexElement[]
Array of VertexElement structures that represent the vertex shader declaration. The declaration array must end with VertexElement.VertexDeclarationEnd as the last element (the size of the vertex element array will be one more than the number of actual vertex elements).
stream System.Int32
Specifies the vertex data stream, in the range from 0 to the maximum number of streams -1.

Return Value

The vertex declaration size, in bytes.


A stream is defined as a uniform array of component data, where each component consists of one or more elements representing a single entity such as position, normal, color, and so on.