Connection Manager Application Development for Windows Mobile-based Devices

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Connection Manager, which you can implement by using the Connection Manager API, centralizes and automates the establishment and management of various types of network connections for applications that connect to the Internet or to the corporate network.

When one or more applications request a connection, Connection Manager establishes the connection using the optimal connection type and notifies all the applications that the connection is active. Applications are configured to specify a connection name and network name.

Note   Connection options and properties are typically preconfigured by the mobile operator or by the corporate Information Technology (IT) department.

Connection Manager tracks which connections are in use or are requested by applications. It closes unused connections, automatically disconnects connections when they are idle for a specified period of time, and closes low-priority connections to open high-priority connections. For example, voice connections are typically given a higher priority than data connections.

Connection Manager handles many different types of connections, including Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Remote Access Service (RAS), and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) connections. The Connection Manager can also configure proxy server settings to allow network resources through a firewall or Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) gateway.

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