PimItemCollection Class


Defines container operations (for example, adding, removing, and sorting items), along with state information (for example, references to the containing folder, whether the collection is sorted, etc.) about generic PIM item collections.

Namespace: Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook
Assembly: Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook (in microsoft.windowsmobile.pocketoutlook.dll)


public class PimItemCollection : IDisposable, IBindingList, IList, 
    ICollection, IEnumerable
<DefaultMemberAttribute("Item")> _
Public Class PimItemCollection
    Implements IDisposable, IBindingList, IList, ICollection, _


This is the base class for Appointment, Task, and Contact collections.

The PimItemCollection class provides methods for adding and removing PimItem objects to or from a collection, searching for items within a collection, and sorting collection items. It contains methods for indexing into a collection, information about the number of items in a collection, and whether or not you can add or remove items to or from a collection.

The Pocket Outlook object model parallels the desktop Outlook object model by grouping PimItem objects into folders, but folders are actually implemented as collections. For example, the ContactFolder object has an Item property, and the accessor for this property returns a ContactCollection object, not a PimItem object.

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