KeyframedAnimationSet.KeyframedAnimationSet(String,Double,PlaybackType,Int32,KeyCallback[]) Constructor (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Creates a KeyframedAnimationSet.


Visual Basic Public Sub New( _
    ByVal name As String, _
    ByVal ticksPerSecond As Double, _
    ByVal playback As PlaybackType, _
    ByVal numberAnimations As Integer, _
    ByVal callbackKeys() As KeyCallback _
C# public KeyframedAnimationSet(
    string name,
    double ticksPerSecond,
    PlaybackType playback,
    int numberAnimations,
    KeyCallback[] callbackKeys
C++ public:
    StringLeave Sitename,
    double ticksPerSecond,
    PlaybackType playback,
    int numberAnimations,
    array<KeyCallback>^ callbackKeys
JScript public function KeyframedAnimationSet(
    name : String,
    ticksPerSecond : double,
    playback : PlaybackType,
    numberAnimations : int,
    callbackKeys : KeyCallback[]


name System.String
String that contains the name of the animation set.
ticksPerSecond System.Double
Number of key-frame ticks that elapse per second.
playback Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.PlaybackType
Type of the animation set playback loop. For more information, see PlaybackType.
numberAnimations System.Int32
Number of scale, rotate, and translate (SRT) animation sets.
callbackKeys Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.KeyCallback[]
Array that contains the callback keys.




The method call is invalid. For example, a method's parameter might contain an invalid value.

OutOfMemoryExceptionLeave Site

Microsoft Direct3D could not allocate sufficient memory to complete the call.