This structure is one of several callback structures that describe the Direct3D support provided by the driver.

typedef struct _D3DHAL_CALLBACKS3 {
  DWORD dwSize;
  DWORD dwFlags;
  LPVOID lpvReserved;


  • dwSize
    Specifies the size in bytes of this structure.

  • dwFlags
    Indicates the callbacks associated with this structure that the driver has implemented. For every bit the driver sets in dwFlags, the driver must initialize the corresponding function pointer member of this structure. This member can be the bitwise-OR of one or more of the following flags.

    Flag Description
    D3DHAL3_CB32_CLEAR2 Not currently used.
    D3DHAL3_CB32_DRAWPRIMITIVES2 The DrawPrimitives2 member points to a driver-implemented D3dDrawPrimitives2 callback.
    D3DHAL3_CB32_RESERVED Not currently used.
    D3DHAL3_CB32_VALIDATETEXTURESTAGESTATE The ValidateTextureStageState member points to a driver-implemented D3dValidateTextureStageState callback.
  • Clear2
    Must be set to NULL.

  • lpvReserved
    Must be set to NULL in a Windows CE .NET and later driver.

  • ValidateTextureStageState
    Points to the driver-supplied D3dValidateTextureStageState callback, or NULL. Drivers that support multitexturing must implement the callback that this member points to.

  • DrawPrimitives2
    Points to the driver-supplied D3dDrawPrimitives2 callback. A driver must implement the callback that this member points to.


The driver allocates this structure and sets appropriate values in all members. The driver's GetDriverInfo function returns a pointer to this structure when that function is called with the GUID_D3DCallbacks3 GUID.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: D3dhal.h.

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