This method returns a bitmask that identifies what scan modes are supported by the DVD-Video renderer.

HRESULT GetScanCaps(
  DWORD* pdwCaps


  • pdwCaps
    [out] Pointer to a bitmask that identifies the supported renderer scan modes according to the following.
    Value Scan mode
    DVD_SCANCAP_FORWARD_SCAN The renderer supports forward scan modes.
    DVD_SCANCAP_FORWARD_SLOW The renderer supports forward slow modes.
    DVD_SCANCAP_FORWARD_SINGLE The renderer can advance a single frame at a time.
    DVD_SCANCAP_BACKWARD_SCAN The renderer supports backward scan modes.
    DVD_SCANCAP_BACKWARD_SLOW The renderer supports backward slow modes.
    DVD_SCANCAP_BACKWARD_SINGLE The renderer can play backwards a single frame at a time.

Return Values

If the method completes successfully, the return value is S_OK.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Dvddrvr.idl.

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