Files, Databases, and Persistent Storage

Microsoft® Windows CE® version 3.0 supports a variety of storage systems. The object storeup to 256 MB of compressible, nonvolatile, random access memory (RAM) storageis the default storage device on Windows CE platforms. The object store integrates the read-only files that are stored in read-only memory (ROM) with the read/write files of both the application and the user.

In addition to the object store, Windows CE supports multiple, installable file systems, which include FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32, used by the ATA and SRAM PCCARD and Compact Flash (CF) cards, as well as proprietary systems that have their own drivers. Windows CE can support up to 256 file-system drivers.

The following sections describe the types of storage that are available under Windows CE, and the application programming interfaces (APIs) that are available to access each type of storage: