This interface retrieves information about an event of type RTCE_USERSEARCH. This type of event is triggered when an IRTCUserSearch::ExecuteSearch operation completes.


The following table shows the methods for this interface in vtable order. This is the order in which the compiler calls the methods. This interface inherits the methods for the IUnknown and IDispatch interfaces.

The following table shows the IDispatch methods.

Method Description
GetIDsOfNames Maps a single member name and an optional set of parameter names to a corresponding set of integer dispatch identifiers (DISPIDs). These identifiers can then be used on subsequent calls to IDispatch::Invoke.
GetTypeInfo Retrieves the type information for an object.
GetTypeInfo Retrieves the number of type information interfaces provided by an object, either zero (0) or 1.
Invoke Provides access to properties and methods exposed by an object.

The following table shows the IRTCUserSearchResultsEvent methods.

Method Description
EnumerateResults Retrieves an enumeration of the results from the user search.
Results Gets a collection of the results from the user search.
Profile Gets the profile used to execute the search.
Query Gets the query object submitted for the search.
Cookie Gets the cookie supplied to the completed IRTCUserSearch::ExecuteSearch operation.
StatusCode Gets the result code of the completed IRTCUserSearch::ExecuteSearch operation.
MoreAvailable Gets a value indicating if additional, unretrieved results exist for a completed IRTCUserSearch::ExecuteSearch operation.

Obtaining a Pointer

When the application's implementation of the IRTCEventNotification::Event method indicates an RTC_EVENT enumeration value of RTCE_USERSEARCH, the method's pEvent parameter is an IDispatch pointer for the IRTCUserSearchResultsEvent interface.

The IRTCUserSearchResultsEvent interface is available by calling QueryInterface on the user search object.


To enable reception of user search result events, the application must call the IRTCClient::EventFilter method and set an event filter mask that includes the RTCE_USERSEARCH event. If the application does not call IRTCClient::EventFilter, it will not receive any events.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.2 and later.
Header: Rtccore.h, Rtccore.idl.
Link Library: Uuid.lib.

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