Tutorial 1: Creating a Device

The following C# tutorials use the base functionality of Microsoft Direct3D to help you begin to create stand-alone graphics applications.

Tutorial Description
Tutorial 1: Creating a Device Initializes Direct3D, renders a simple blue screen, and eventually shuts down.
Tutorial 2: Rendering Vertices Initializes the procedures of Tutorial 1, creates the simplest shape (a triangle), and renders it to the display.
Tutorial 3: Using Matrices Introduces the concept of matrices and shows how to use them to transform the coordinates of vertices and to set up cameras and viewports.
Tutorial 4: Using Materials and Lights Adds lights and materials to create more realism in Direct3D objects.
Tutorial 5: Using Texture Maps Adds texture to Direct3D objects.
Tutorial 6: Using Meshes Introduces the topic of meshes and shows how to load, render, and unload a mesh.

These tutorials follow a progression, where each retains most of the code of the previous tutorial but adds more functionality. All tutorials are located at (SDK root)\Samples\Managed\Direct3D\Tutorials\.