This function notifies NDIS that a new miniport is initializing.

VOID NdisMInitializeWrapper(
  PNDIS_HANDLE NdisWrapperHandle,
  PVOID SystemSpecific1,
  PVOID SystemSpecific2,
  PVOID SystemSpecific3


  • NdisWrapperHandle
    [out] Pointer to a caller-supplied variable in which NDIS returns a handle that represents itself.
  • SystemSpecific1
    [in] Pointer to a system-specific type.
  • SystemSpecific2
    [in] Pointer to a system-specific type.
  • SystemSpecific3
    [in] Pointer to a system-specific type.

Return Values



An NIC driver or intermediate driver must call this function before it calls any other NdisXXX ** function. Usually, this call is the initial action of any DriverEntry function, which calls the NdisMRegisterMiniport or the NdisIMRegisterLayeredMiniport function with the returned NdisWrapperHandle next. NDIS intermediate drivers must also call this function from the DriverEntry function, and then call NdisMRegisterMiniport or NdisIMRegisterLayeredMiniport with the returned NdisWrapperHandle.

Such a driver's subsequent calls to NdisXXX initialization and configuration functions must pass the NdisWrapperHandle as a parameter. Consequently, it is an input parameter to MiniportInitialize.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Ndis.h.
Link Library: Ndis.dll.

See Also

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