Pocket Internet Explorer Overview

The Pocket Internet Explorer feature for Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET provides an compact Internet browser that is optimized for devices with small, vertically oriented displays and for cached or customized content. HTML functionality is equivalent to that of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.2, with support for tables, forms, and frames. A fit-to-screen option dynamically resizes Web pages to maximize viewing on hand-held devices without requiring the user to scroll across a page. A Zoom menu option allows the user to view text on the screen in different sizes.

Feature Summary

The following table shows operating system design information for Pocket Internet Explorer.

Element Information
Dependencies Requires Multiple-Language API (MLang), Windows Internet Services (WinInet), URL Moniker Services (UrlMon), Pocket Internet Explorer HTML View (Webview), Internet Explorer Browser Control Host (Shdocvw), and full communications (Windows Sockets, TCP/IP stack).
Hardware considerations None

Modules and Components

The following table shows the components and modules that implement Pocket Internet Explorer. For more information about the Pocket Internet Explorer components and modules architecture, see Pocket Internet Explorer Architecture.

Item Module Component
Pocket Internet Explorer Browser iexplore None
Webview Control webview None
Webview Control Host browser None
Browser Control Host (using browser.dll) shdocvw None
Image Decoder imaging None
Utility Functions shlwapi None
URL Moniker Services urlmon None
Windows Internet Services wininet None
Internet Option Settings Control Panel inetcpl None
Internet Explorer Multiple-Language API mlang None

Operating System Development Topics

Pocket Internet Explorer Architecture

Application Development Topics

Pocket Internet Explorer Security

Pocket Internet Explorer Registry Settings

Pocket Internet Explorer

International Language Features

Identifying Pocket Internet Explorer to a Web Server

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