This method sets the border color for the video window.

HRESULT put_BorderColor(
  long Color


  • Color
    [in] New border color as a COLORREF type.

Return Values

Returns an HRESULT value.


When a destination rectangle that is set differs from the visible client area of the window, a border is exposed around the edge. This method allows an application to change the border color. It is set to black by default. Any nonsystem color passed in is converted to its closest match according to the current palette before being used (this is not an issue on true color devices). Setting this causes the window border to be repainted in the new color automatically.


DirectShow applications and DirectShow filters have different include file and link library requirements. See Setting Up the Build Environment for more information.

OS Versions: Windows CE 2.12 and later. Version 2.12 requires DXPAK 1.0 or later.

See Also

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