This function is called once at the beginning of each test thread. The function is not required to complete an action. This function is provided for test-specific initialization only.

UINT InitializeTestThread(
  HANDLE hThread,
  DWORD dwThreadId,
  int index


  • hThread
    [in] Pseudohandle to the current thread. A pseudohandle is a special constant that is interpreted as the handle to the current thread. The calling thread can use this handle to specify itself whenever a thread handle is required.
  • dwThreadId
    [in] Identifier for the thread.
  • index
    [in] Zero-based index of the calling thread. You can use this value to index an array that contains per-thread data.

Return Values

This function must return one of the following values:


Use the CESTRESS_ABORT return value carefully, because the harness terminates a test that returns this value immediately. For more information about these return values, see CESTRESS Return Value.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.2 and later.
Header: Developer defined.
Link Library: Developer implemented.

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