Retrieves the next block of data from the stream.

HRESULT Receive(
IMediaSample *pSample);


  • pSample
    Pointer to a media sample.

Return Values

Returns an HRESULT value.


This member function implements the IMemInputPin::Receive method. It first checks that it can process the sample by calling CBaseInputPin::CheckStreaming; if that member function does not return S_OK, Receive returns immediately with the value returned by CBaseInputPin::CheckStreaming.

This base class member function checks to see if the format has changed with this media sample; if so, it checks that the filter will accept it, generating a run-time error if not. If a run-time error is raised, the m_bRunTimeError data member is set so that no more samples will be accepted.

The overriding member function does something with the passed-in sample, such as calling a member function to transform it or pass it downstream.

This is a blocking synchronous call. Typically no blocking occurs, but if a filter cannot process the sample immediately, it can use the calling application's thread to wait until it can.

Call the IUnknown::AddRef method if you must hold the returned data block beyond the completion of the IMemInputPin::Receive method. If you call AddRef, be sure to call IUnknown::Release when done with it.

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