This structure contains text fragment information for a voice. It is used to pass input text to the text-to-speech (TTS) engine. Typically the text passed in an ISpVoice::Speak call is parsed for SAPI 5.0 XML. The resulting list of text fragments is passed in a call to ISpTTSEngine::Speak.

typedef struct SPVTEXTFRAG{
  struct SPVTEXTFRAG* pNext;
  LPCWSTR pTextStart;
  ULONG ulTextLen;
  ULONG ulTextSrcOffset;


  • pNext
    Pointer to the next SPVTEXTFRAG structure in the list of text fragments. NULL indicates the end of the list.
  • State
    SPVSTATE structure indicating the current voice state.
  • pTextStart
    Pointer to the beginning of the string associated with the current text fragment.
  • ulTextLen
    Length, in characters, of the string associated with this fragment.
  • ulTextSrcOffset
    Original character offset of the beginning of the string (pTextStart) string passed to ISpVoice::Speak.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.1 and later.
Header: Sapi.h, Sapi.idl.

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