The DDVIDEOPORTINFO structure describes the transfer of video data to a surface. This structure is used with the IDirectDrawVideoPort::StartVideo method.

typedef struct _DDVIDEOPORTINFO{ 
    DWORD dwSize;            
    DWORD dwOriginX;         
    DWORD dwOriginY;         
    DWORD dwVPFlags;         
    RECT rCrop;              
    DWORD dwPrescaleWidth;   
    DWORD dwPrescaleHeight;  
    LPDDPIXELFORMAT lpddpfInputFormat;     
    LPDDPIXELFORMAT lpddpfVBIInputFormat;  
    LPDDPIXELFORMAT lpddpfVBIOutputFormat; 
    DWORD dwVBIHeight;        
    ULONG_PTR dwReserved1;    
    ULONG_PTR dwReserved2;    


  • dwSize
    Size of this structure, in bytes. This member must be initialized before use.

  • dwOriginX and dwOriginY
    The x- and y-coordinates for the origin of the video data in the surface.

  • dwVPFlags
    Video port options.

    DDVP_AUTOFLIP Perform automatic flipping. For more information, see Auto-flipping.
    DDVP_CONVERT Perform conversion by using the information in the lpddpfVBIOutputFormat member.
    DDVP_CROP Perform cropping by using the rectangle specified by the rCrop member.
    DDVP_IGNOREVBIXCROP The video port should ignore left and right cropping coordinates when cropping oversampled VBI data.
    DDVP_INTERLEAVE Interlaced fields should be interleaved in memory.
    DDVP_MIRRORLEFTRIGHT Mirror image data from left to right as it is written into the frame buffer.
    DDVP_MIRRORUPDOWN Mirror image data from top to bottom as it is written into the frame buffer.
    DDVP_OVERRIDEBOBWEAVE Override automatic display method chosen by the driver, using only the display method set by the caller when creating the overlay surface.
    DDVP_PRESCALE Perform pre-scaling or pre-zooming based on the values in the dwPrescaleHeight and dwPrescaleWidth members.
    DDVP_SKIPEVENFIELDS Ignore input of even fields.
    DDVP_SKIPODDFIELDS Ignore input of odd fields.
    DDVP_SYNCMASTER Indicates that the video port VREF should drive the graphics VREF, locking the refresh rate to the video port.
    DDVP_VBICONVERT The lpddpfVBIOutputFormat member contains data that should be used to convert VBI data.
    DDVP_VBINOSCALE VBI data should not be scaled.
    DDVP_VBINOINTERLEAVE Interleaving can be disabled for data within the VBI.
  • rCrop
    Cropping rectangle. This member is optional.

  • dwPrescaleWidth
    Pre-scaling or zooming in the x-direction. This member is optional.

  • dwPrescaleHeight
    Pre-scaling or zooming in the y-direction. This member is optional.

  • lpddpfInputFormat
    A DDPIXELFORMAT structure describing the pixel format to be written to the video port. This will often be identical to the surface's pixel format, but can differ if the video port is to perform conversion.

  • lpddpfVBIInputFormat and lpddpfVBIOutputFormat
    DDPIXELFORMAT structures describing the input and output pixel formats of the data within the vertical blanking interval.

  • dwVBIHeight
    The amount of data within the vertical blanking interval, in scan lines.

  • dwReserved1 and dwReserved2
    Reserved; set to zero.


Runs on Versions Declared in
Windows CE OS 2.12 or later. Version 2.12 requires DXPAK 1.0 or later. dvp.h

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