Net Errors - Numerical Order

The following table shows possible network error values.

Code Description Name
2102 The workstation driver is not installed. NERR_NetNotStarted
2103 The server could not be located. NERR_UnknownServer
2104 An internal error occurred. The network cannot access a shared memory segment. NERR_ShareMem
2106 This operation is not supported on workstations. NERR_RemoteOnly
2107 The device is not connected. NERR_DevNotRedirected
2114 The Server service is not started. NERR_ServerNotStarted
2115 The queue is empty. NERR_ItemNotFound
2116 The device or directory does not exist. NERR_UnknownDevDir
2117 The operation is invalid on a redirected resource. NERR_RedirectedPath
2118 The name has already been shared. NERR_DuplicateShare
2119 The server is currently out of the requested resource. NERR_NoRoom
2121 Requested addition of items exceeds the maximum allowed. NERR_TooManyItems
2122 The Peer service supports only two simultaneous users. NERR_InvalidMaxUsers
2123 The API return buffer is too small. NERR_BufTooSmall
2127 A remote API error occurred. NERR_RemoteErr
2131 An error occurred when opening or reading the configuration file. NERR_LanmanIniError
2136 A general network error occurred. NERR_NetworkError
2137 The Workstation service is in an inconsistent state. Restart the computer before restarting the Workstation service. NERR_WkstaInconsistentState
2138 The Workstation service has not been started. NERR_WkstaNotStarted
2139 The requested information is not available. NERR_BrowserNotStarted
2140 An internal Windows NT error occurred. NERR_InternalError
2141 The server is not configured for transactions. NERR_BadTransactConfig
2142 The requested API is not supported on the remote server. NERR_InvalidAPI
2143 The event name is invalid. NERR_BadEventName
2144 The computer name already exists on the network. Change it and restart the computer. NERR_DupNameReboot
2146 The specified component could not be found in the configuration information. NERR_CfgCompNotFound
2147 The specified parameter could not be found in the configuration information. NERR_CfgParamNotFound
2149 A line in the configuration file is too long. NERR_LineTooLong
2150 The printer does not exist. NERR_QNotFound
2151 The print job does not exist. NERR_JobNotFound
2152 The printer destination cannot be found. NERR_DestNotFound
2153 The printer destination already exists. NERR_DestExists
2154 The printer queue already exists. NERR_QExists
2155 A network resource shortage occurred. NERR_NoNetworkResource
2155 No more printers can be added. NERR_QNoRoom
2156 No more print jobs can be added. NERR_JobNoRoom
2157 No more printer destinations can be added. NERR_DestNoRoom
2158 This printer destination is idle and cannot accept control operations. NERR_DestIdle
2159 This printer destination request contains an invalid control function. NERR_DestInvalidOp
2160 The print processor is not responding. NERR_ProcNoRespond
2161 The spooler is not running. NERR_SpoolerNotLoaded
2162 This operation cannot be performed on the print destination in its current state. NERR_DestInvalidState
2163 This operation cannot be performed on the printer queue in its current state. NERR_QInvalidState
2164 This operation cannot be performed on the print job in its current state. NERR_JobInvalidState
2165 A spooler memory allocation failure occurred. NERR_SpoolNoMemory
2166 The device driver does not exist. NERR_DriverNotFound
2167 The data type is not supported by the print processor. NERR_DataTypeInvalid
2168 The print processor is not installed. NERR_ProcNotFound
2180 The service database is locked. NERR_ServiceTableLocked
2181 The service table is full. NERR_ServiceTableFull
2182 The requested service has already been started. NERR_ServiceInstalled
2183 The service does not respond to control actions. NERR_ServiceEntryLocked
2184 The service has not been started. NERR_ServiceNotInstalled
2185 The service name is invalid. NERR_BadServiceName
2186 The service is not responding to the control function. NERR_ServiceCtlTimeout
2187 The service control is busy. NERR_ServiceCtlBusy
2188 The configuration file contains an invalid service program name. NERR_BadServiceProgName
2189 The service could not be controlled in its present state. NERR_ServiceNotCtrl
2190 The service ended abnormally. NERR_ServiceKillProc
2191 The requested pause or stop is not valid for this service. NERR_ServiceCtlNotValid
2192 The service control dispatcher could not find the service name in the dispatch table. NERR_NotInDispatchTbl
2193 The service control dispatcher pipe read failed. NERR_BadControlRecv
2194 A thread for the new service could not be created. NERR_ServiceNotStarting
2200 This workstation is already logged on to the local-area network. NERR_AlreadyLoggedOn
2201 The workstation is not logged on to the local-area network. NERR_NotLoggedOn
2202 The user name or group name parameter is invalid. NERR_BadUsername
2203 The password parameter is invalid. NERR_BadPassword
2204 The logon processor did not add the message alias. NERR_UnableToAddName_W
2205 The logon processor did not add the message alias. NERR_UnableToAddName_F
2206 The logoff processor did not delete the message alias. NERR_UnableToDelName_W
2207 The logoff processor did not delete the message alias. NERR_UnableToDelName_F
2209 Network logons are paused. NERR_LogonsPaused
2210 A centralized logon-server conflict occurred. NERR_LogonServerConflict
2211 The server is configured without a valid user path. NERR_LogonNoUserPath
2212 An error occurred while loading or running the logon script. NERR_LogonScriptError
2214 The logon server was not specified. Your computer will be logged on as STANDALONE. NERR_StandaloneLogon
2215 The logon server could not be found. NERR_LogonServerNotFound
2216 There is already a logon domain for this computer. NERR_LogonDomainExists
2217 The logon server could not validate the logon. NERR_NonValidatedLogon
2219 The security database could not be found. NERR_ACFNotFound
2220 The group name could not be found. NERR_GroupNotFound
2221 The user name could not be found. NERR_UserNotFound
2222 The resource name could not be found. NERR_ResourceNotFound
2223 The group already exists. NERR_GroupExists
2224 The user account already exists. NERR_UserExists
2225 The resource permission list already exists. NERR_ResourceExists
2226 This operation is only allowed on the primary domain controller of the domain. NERR_NotPrimary
2227 The security database has not been started. NERR_ACFNotLoaded
2228 There are too many names in the user accounts database. NERR_ACFNoRoom
2229 A disk I/O failure occurred. NERR_ACFFileIOFail
2230 The limit of 64 entries per resource was exceeded. NERR_ACFTooManyLists
2231 Deleting a user with a session is not allowed. NERR_UserLogon
2232 The parent directory could not be located. NERR_ACFNoParent
2233 Unable to add to the security database session cache segment. NERR_CanNotGrowSegment
2234 This operation is not allowed on this special group. NERR_SpeGroupOp
2235 This user is not cached in user accounts database session cache. NERR_NotInCache
2236 The user already belongs to this group. NERR_UserInGroup
2237 The user does not belong to this group. NERR_UserNotInGroup
2238 This user account is undefined. NERR_AccountUndefined
2239 This user account has expired. NERR_AccountExpired
2240 The user is not allowed to log on from this workstation. NERR_InvalidWorkstation
2241 The user is not allowed to log on at this time. NERR_InvalidLogonHours
2242 The password of this user has expired. NERR_PasswordExpired
2243 The password of this user cannot change. NERR_PasswordCantChange
2244 This password cannot be used now. NERR_PasswordHistConflict
2245 The password is shorter than required. NERR_PasswordTooShort
2246 The password of this user is too recent to change. NERR_PasswordTooRecent
2247 The security database is corrupted. NERR_InvalidDatabase
2248 No updates are necessary to this replicant network/local security database. NERR_DatabaseUpToDate
2249 This replicant database is outdated; synchronization is required. NERR_SyncRequired
2250 The network connection could not be found. NERR_UseNotFound
2251 This asg_type is invalid. NERR_BadAsgType
2252 This device is currently being shared. NERR_DeviceIsShared
2270 The computer name could not be added as a message alias. The name may already exist on the network. NERR_NoComputerName
2271 The Messenger service is already started. NERR_MsgAlreadyStarted
2272 The Messenger service failed to start. NERR_MsgInitFailed
2273 The message alias could not be found on the network. NERR_NameNotFound
2274 This message alias has already been forwarded. NERR_AlreadyForwarded
2275 This message alias has been added but is still forwarded. NERR_AddForwarded
2276 This message alias already exists locally. NERR_AlreadyExists
2277 The maximum number of added message aliases has been exceeded. NERR_TooManyNames
2278 The computer name could not be deleted. NERR_DelComputerName
2279 Messages cannot be forwarded back to the same workstation. NERR_LocalForward
2280 An error occurred in the domain message processor. NERR_GrpMsgProcessor
2281 The message was sent. NERR_PausedRemote
2282 The message was sent but not received. NERR_BadReceive
2283 The message alias is currently in use. Try again later. NERR_NameInUse
2284 The Messenger service has not been started. NERR_MsgNotStarted
2285 The name is not on the local computer. NERR_NotLocalName
2286 The forwarded message alias could not be found on the network. NERR_NoForwardName
2287 The message alias table on the remote station is full. NERR_RemoteFull
2288 Messages for this alias are not currently being forwarded. NERR_NameNotForwarded
2289 The broadcast message was truncated. NERR_TruncatedBroadcast
2294 This is an invalid device name. NERR_InvalidDevice
2295 A write fault occurred. NERR_WriteFault
2297 A duplicate message alias exists on the network. NERR_DuplicateName
2298 This message alias will be deleted later. NERR_DeleteLater
2299 The message alias was not successfully deleted from all networks. NERR_IncompleteDel
2300 This operation is not supported on computers with multiple networks. NERR_MultipleNets
2310 This shared resource does not exist. NERR_NetNameNotFound
2311 This device is not shared. NERR_DeviceNotShared
2312 A session does not exist with that computer name. NERR_ClientNameNotFound
2314 There is not an open file with that identification number. NERR_FileIdNotFound
2315 A failure occurred when executing a remote administration command. NERR_ExecFailure
2316 A failure occurred when opening a remote temporary file. NERR_TmpFile
2317 The data returned from a remote administration command has been truncated to 64 KB. NERR_TooMuchData
2318 This device cannot be shared as both a spooled and a nonspooled resource. NERR_DeviceShareConflict
2319 The information in the list of servers may be incorrect. NERR_BrowserTableIncomplete
2320 The computer is not active in this domain. NERR_NotLocalDomain
2321 The share must be removed from the Dfs before it can be deleted. NERR_IsDfsShare
2331 The operation is invalid for this device. NERR_DevInvalidOpCode
2332 This device cannot be shared. NERR_DevNotFound
2333 This device was not open. NERR_DevNotOpen
2334 This device name list is invalid. NERR_BadQueueDevString
2335 The queue priority is invalid. NERR_BadQueuePriority
2337 There are no shared communication devices. NERR_NoCommDevs
2338 The queue you specified does not exist. NERR_QueueNotFound
2340 This list of devices is invalid. NERR_BadDevString
2341 The requested device is invalid. NERR_BadDev
2342 This device is already in use by the spooler. NERR_InUseBySpooler
2343 This device is already in use as a communication device. NERR_CommDevInUse
2351 This computer name is invalid. NERR_InvalidComputer
2354 The specified string and prefix are too long. NERR_MaxLenExceeded
2356 This path component is invalid. NERR_BadComponent
2357 Could not determine the type of input. NERR_CantType
2362 The buffer for types is not big enough. NERR_TooManyEntries
2370 Profile files cannot exceed 64 KB. NERR_ProfileFileTooBig
2371 The start offset is out of range. NERR_ProfileOffset
2372 The system cannot delete current connections to network resources. NERR_ProfileCleanup
2373 The system was unable to parse the command line in this file. NERR_ProfileUnknownCmd
2374 An error occurred while loading the profile file. NERR_ProfileLoadErr
2375 Errors occurred while saving the profile file. The profile was partially saved. NERR_ProfileSaveErr
2377 Log file %1 is full. NERR_LogOverflow
2378 This log file has changed between reads. NERR_LogFileChanged
2379 Log file %1 is corrupt. NERR_LogFileCorrupt
2380 The source path cannot be a directory. NERR_SourceIsDir
2381 The source path is illegal. NERR_BadSource
2382 The destination path is illegal. NERR_BadDest
2383 The source and destination paths are on different servers. NERR_DifferentServers
2385 The Run server you requested is paused. NERR_RunSrvPaused
2389 An error occurred when communicating with a Run server. NERR_ErrCommRunSrv
2391 An error occurred when starting a background process. NERR_ErrorExecingGhost
2392 The shared resource you are connected to could not be found. NERR_ShareNotFound
2400 The LAN adapter number is invalid. NERR_InvalidLana
2401 There are open files on the connection. NERR_OpenFiles
2402 Active connections still exist. NERR_ActiveConns
2403 This share name or password is invalid. NERR_BadPasswordCore
2404 The device is being accessed by an active process. NERR_DevInUse
2405 The drive letter is in use locally. NERR_LocalDrive
2430 The specified client is already registered for the specified event. NERR_AlertExists
2431 The alert table is full. NERR_TooManyAlerts
2432 An invalid or nonexistent alert name was raised. NERR_NoSuchAlert
2433 The alert recipient is invalid. NERR_BadRecipient
2434 A user's session with this server has been deleted because the user's logon hours are no longer valid. NERR_AcctLimitExceeded
2440 The log file does not contain the requested record number. NERR_InvalidLogSeek
2450 The user accounts database is not configured correctly. NERR_BadUasConfig
2451 This operation is not permitted when the Netlogon service is running. NERR_InvalidUASOp
2452 This operation is not allowed on the last administrative account. NERR_LastAdmin
2453 Could not find domain controller for this domain. NERR_DCNotFound
2454 Could not set logon information for this user. NERR_LogonTrackingError
2455 The Netlogon service has not been started. NERR_NetlogonNotStarted
2456 Unable to add to the user accounts database. NERR_CanNotGrowUASFile
2457 This server's clock is not synchronized with the primary domain controller's clock. NERR_TimeDiffAtDC
2458 A password mismatch has been detected. NERR_PasswordMismatch
2460 The server identification does not specify a valid server. NERR_NoSuchServer
2461 The session identification does not specify a valid session. NERR_NoSuchSession
2462 The connection identification does not specify a valid connection. NERR_NoSuchConnection
2463 There is no space for another entry in the table of available servers. NERR_TooManyServers
2464 The server has reached the maximum number of sessions it supports. NERR_TooManySessions
2465 The server has reached the maximum number of connections it supports. NERR_TooManyConnections
2466 The server cannot open more files because it has reached its maximum number. NERR_TooManyFiles
2467 There are no alternate servers registered on this server. NERR_NoAlternateServers
2470 Try the down-level, or remote admin protocol, version of API instead. NERR_TryDownLevel
2480 The UPS driver could not be accessed by the UPS service. NERR_UPSDriverNotStarted
2481 The UPS service is not configured correctly. NERR_UPSInvalidConfig
2482 The UPS service could not access the specified communications port. NERR_UPSInvalidCommPort
2483 The UPS indicated a line fail or low battery situation. Service not started. NERR_UPSSignalAsserted
2484 The UPS service failed to perform a system shut down. NERR_UPSShutdownFailed
2500 The program below returned an MS-DOS error code. NERR_BadDosRetCode
2501 The program below needs more memory. NERR_ProgNeedsExtraMem
2502 The program below called an unsupported MS-DOS function. NERR_BadDosFunction
2503 The workstation failed to boot. NERR_RemoteBootFailed
2504 The file below is corrupt. NERR_BadFileCheckSum
2505 No loader is specified in the boot-block definition file. NERR_NoRplBootSystem
2506 NetBIOS returned an error—the NCB and SMB are dumped above. NERR_RplLoadrNetBiosErr
2507 A disk I/O error occurred. NERR_RplLoadrDiskErr
2508 Image parameter substitution failed. NERR_ImageParamErr
2509 Too many image parameters cross disk sector boundaries. NERR_TooManyImageParams
2510 The image was not generated from an MS-DOS diskette formatted with the /S option. NERR_NonDosFloppyUsed
2511 Remote boot will be restarted later. NERR_RplBootRestart
2512 The call to the Remoteboot server failed. NERR_RplSrvrCallFailed
2513 Cannot connect to the Remoteboot server. NERR_CantConnectRplSrvr
2514 Cannot open image file on the Remoteboot server. NERR_CantOpenImageFile
2515 Connecting to the Remoteboot server. NERR_CallingRplSrvr
2516 Connecting to the Remoteboot server. NERR_StartingRplBoot
2517 Remote boot service was stopped; check the error log for the cause of the problem. NERR_RplBootServiceTerm
2518 Remote boot startup failed; check the error log for the cause of the problem. NERR_RplBootStartFailed
2519 A second connection to a Remoteboot resource is not allowed. NERR_RPL_CONNECTED
2550 The browser service was configured with MaintainServerList=No. NERR_BrowserConfiguredToNotRun
2610 Service failed to start since none of the network adapters started with this service. NERR_RplNoAdaptersStarted
2611 Service failed to start due to bad startup information in the registry. NERR_RplBadRegistry
2612 Service failed to start because its database is absent or corrupt. NERR_RplBadDatabase
2613 Service failed to start because RPLFILES share is absent. NERR_RplRplfilesShare
2614 Service failed to start because RPLUSER group is absent. NERR_RplNotRplServer
2615 Cannot enumerate service records. NERR_RplCannotEnum
2616 Workstation record information has been corrupted. NERR_RplWkstaInfoCorrupted
2617 Workstation record was not found. NERR_RplWkstaNotFound
2618 Workstation name is in use by some other workstation. NERR_RplWkstaNameUnavailable
2619 Profile record information has been corrupted. NERR_RplProfileInfoCorrupted
2620 Profile record was not found. NERR_RplProfileNotFound
2621 Profile name is in use by some other profile. NERR_RplProfileNameUnavailable
2622 There are workstations using this profile. NERR_RplProfileNotEmpty
2623 Configuration record information has been corrupted. NERR_RplConfigInfoCorrupted
2624 Configuration record was not found. NERR_RplConfigNotFound
2625 Adapter id record information has been corrupted. NERR_RplAdapterInfoCorrupted
2626 An internal service error has occurred. NERR_RplInternal
2627 Vendor id record information has been corrupted. NERR_RplVendorInfoCorrupted
2628 Boot block record information has been corrupted. NERR_RplBootInfoCorrupted
2629 The user account for this workstation record is missing. NERR_RplWkstaNeedsUserAcct
2630 The RPLUSER local group could not be found. NERR_RplNeedsRPLUSERAcct
2631 Boot block record was not found. NERR_RplBootNotFound
2632 Chosen profile is incompatible with this workstation. NERR_RplIncompatibleProfile
2633 Chosen network adapter id is in use by some other workstation. NERR_RplAdapterNameUnavailable
2634 There are profiles using this configuration. NERR_RplConfigNotEmpty
2635 There are workstations. NERR_RplBootInUse
2636 Service failed to backup Remoteboot database. NERR_RplBackupDatabase
2637 Adapter record was not found. NERR_RplAdapterNotFound
2638 Vendor record was not found. NERR_RplVendorNotFound
2639 Vendor name is in use by some other vendor record. NERR_RplVendorNameUnavailable
2640 The boot name or vendor identifier is in use by some other boot block record. NERR_RplBootNameUnavailable
2641 Configuration name is in use by some other configuration. NERR_RplConfigNameUnavailable
2660 The internal database maintained by the Dfs service is corrupt. NERR_DfsInternalCorruption
2661 One of the records in the internal Dfs database is corrupt. NERR_DfsVolumeDataCorrupt
2662 There is no volume whose entry path matches the input entry path. NERR_DfsNoSuchVolume
2663 A volume with the given name already exists. NERR_DfsVolumeAlreadyExists
2664 The server share specified is already shared in the Dfs. NERR_DfsAlreadyShared
2665 The indicated server share does not support the indicated Dfs volume. NERR_DfsNoSuchShare
2666 The operation is not valid on a non-leaf volume. NERR_DfsNotALeafVolume
2667 The operation is not valid on a leaf volume. NERR_DfsLeafVolume
2668 The operation is ambiguous because the volume has multiple servers. NERR_DfsVolumeHasMultipleServers
2669 Unable to create a junction point. NERR_DfsCantCreateJunctionPoint
2670 The server is not Dfs Aware. NERR_DfsServerNotDfsAware
2671 The specified rename target path is invalid. NERR_DfsBadRenamePath
2672 The specified Dfs volume is offline. NERR_DfsVolumeIsOffline
2673 The specified server is not a server for this volume. NERR_DfsNoSuchServer
2674 A cycle in the Dfs name was detected. NERR_DfsCyclicalName
2675 The operation is not supported on a server-based Dfs. NERR_DfsNotSupportedInServerDfs
2690 Dfs internal error. NERR_DfsInternalError

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