IFELanguage 2


August 2003

Microsoft Corporation

Summary: This document names the methods associated with IFELanguage, Version 2.0, for Microsoft IME 2003, Japanese version. (2 printed pages)

Interface ID: IID_IFELanguage2
Version 2.0

The IFELanguage interface provides services that may be language dependent. (Different for each target language.) The services listed below are those currently available.

IFELanguage version 2.0 is the latest version of IFELanguage Version 1.0 already in publication.

IFELanguage version 2.0 contains the following three functions defined in IFELanguage version 1.0:

  • IFELanguage::Open
  • IFELanguage::Close
  • IFELanguage::GetPhonetic

In addition, version 2.0 supports the following functions:

  • FELanguage::GetMorphResult
  • IFELanguage::GetConversionModeCaps
  • IFELanguage::GetPhonetic

IFELanguage version 2.0 uses some data structures to give the clients detailed information. These are:

  • WDD (Word Descriptor)
  • MORRSLT (Sentence Descriptor)

See the specification of data structure in IFELanguage Data Structure. The definition of the functions can be seen in IFELanguage Functions.