MapPoint Location Service Exceptions Reference Introduction

This section contains reference documentation for public exception types thrown by Microsoft® MapPoint® Location Server Web Service.

In this section

MapPointArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown when one of the arguments provided to MapPoint Location Server Web Service method is outside the range of valid values.
MapPointArgumentNullException Thrown when a null argument is passed to a MapPoint Location Server Web Service method that expects a non-null value.
NonSecureRequestException Thrown when a non-secure connection (not using SSL) is used to invoke MapPoint Location Server Web Service.
BadPositionsTokenException Thrown by the GetPositionsAsyncResults method when a bad token string is passed.
ContactRelationshipAlreadyExistsException Thrown when a contact relationship exists between a provisioned user and a new contact, and an attempt is made to add the relationship to the contact list.
FindMaxResultsExceededException Thrown when the number of matches for the FindProvisionedUser method exceeds the number specified by the maxResult parameter.
GetPositionsDifferentUserException Thrown when the user invoking the GetPositionsAsyncResults method is different from the original user that invoked it.
InvalidCultureNameException Thrown when the culture name is not supported by MapPoint Location Server.
NeutralCultureNameException Thrown when a neutral culture (for example, "en") is passed and specific culture (for example, "en-US") is expected.
NoContactRelationshipExistsException Thrown when an attempt is made to update a contact relationship between two users and no contact relationship exists.
NoFindCriteriaException Thrown when a call is made to the FindProvisionedUser method with no search criteria specified.
NumberAllowedContactsExceededException Thrown when an attempt is made to add more than the maximum number of contacts for a provisioned user.
SelfReferentialContactException Thrown when a user's domain and alias is the same as the contact's domain and alias.
UserNotProvisionedException Thrown by the methods that relate to a provisioned user (such as UpdateUser, and so on), and the user does not exist in the Microsoft MapPoint Location Server system.