Get Ready for Windows 8

Windows 8 is ready for business - delivering the power and familiarity you want, along with new ways for people to interact with line of business apps, and support for more mobile devices. Windows 8 improves on Windows 7 fundamentals like speed, reliability and security and Windows 8 works seamlessly with an existing Windows management infrastructure.


Editor's Note: Windows 8 Ready for the Enterprise

With end-to-end security features and manageability enhancements, Windows 8 will enable IT pros to keep their users productive and secure anytime, anywhere and meet their expectations for productivity across a broad range of devices.


Explore the Features

Find Out What’s New

Get an overview of key new and improved features for IT professionals, plus answers to frequently asked questions.


Explore the Enterprise Edition

Windows 8 Enterprise features include all the capabilities of Windows 8 Pro plus premium features designed to provide the mobile productivity, security, manageability and virtualization needs of today’s businesses. These features include Windows To Go, DirectAccess, BranchCache, and AppLocker.


Learn about Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8

Internet Explorer 10 carries over the advancements made in earlier versions of the Internet Explorer browser around security, standards support, and performance, as well as the extensive management and configuration support desired by IT professionals. Read this overview, then check out the Internet Explorer 10 FAQ for IT Pros.


Evaluate Windows 8 Enterprise

Download the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation

Download a free 90-day evaluation to test your apps and infrastructure on the final version of Windows 8 Enterprise.

Additional Resources:

Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation FAQ

Windows 8 Installation, Setup, and Deployment Forum


Assess Your Apps

Download the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit

Now part of the free Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK), the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) can help you inventory your existing applications, prioritize which applications should be tested for compatibility, and identify which applications are or are not compatible with Windows 8. You can also test your web applications and websites for compatibility with Internet Explorer 10.

Additional Resources:

ACT Technical Reference

Windows 8 Application Compatibility Forum


Stay Informed

Prepare Now for the Next User Experience

With the Windows 8 Consumer Preview in the field, it's time to reimagine how your organization takes advantage of the new world of mobility, connectivity, data security and management.


Deploy Windows 7 Your Way

If your last desktop OS deployment was circa Windows XP, we have some good news. Gone are the days of manual building, configuration and migration processes. New sets of tools are available to facilitate a deployment tailored specifically for your environment.