Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.SemanticLogging.Sinks Namespace

Applies to: Semantic Logging Application Block 1.0


Class Description
Public class ConsoleSink
A sink that writes to the Console.
Public class FlatFileSink
A sink that writes to a flat file.
Public class FlushFailedException
Represents an error while doing a flush operation.
Public class RollingFlatFilePurger
Purges archive files generated by the RollingFlatFileSink.
Public class RollingFlatFileSink
A sink that writes to a flat file with a rolling overwrite behavior.
Public class RollingFlatFileSink.DateTimeProvider
A data time provider.
Public class RollingFlatFileSink.StreamWriterRollingHelper
Encapsulates the logic to perform rolls.
Public class SqlDatabaseSink
Sink that asynchronously writes entries to SQL Server database.
Public class WindowsAzureTableSink
Sink that asynchronously writes entries to a Windows Azure table.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration RollFileExistsBehavior
Defines the behavior when the roll file is created.
Public enumeration RollInterval
Defines the frequency when the file need to be rolled.