Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Logging.TraceListeners Namespace

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Class Description
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif CustomTraceListener
Base class for custom trace listeners that support formatters.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif EmailTraceListener
A TraceListener that writes an email message, formatting the output with an ILogFormatter.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif EntLibLoggingProxyTraceListener
Proxy listener for writing the log using the Logger class.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif EnvironmentHelper
Helper class for working with environment variables.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif FlatFileTraceListener
A TraceListener that writes to a flat file, formatting the output with an ILogFormatter.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif FormattedEventLogTraceListener
FormattedEventLogTraceListener is a TraceListener that wraps an FormattedEventLogTraceListener and uses a ILogFormatter to transform the data to trace.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif FormattedTextWriterTraceListener
Extends TextWriterTraceListener to add formatting capabilities.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif FormattedTraceListenerBase
Base class for TraceListeners that deal with formatters.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif FormattedTraceListenerWrapperBase
Base class for Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Logging.TraceListeners that wrap other trace listeners and use a ILogFormatter to format the trace information.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif MsmqSendInterfaceFactory
Implementation of the MsmqSendInterfaceFactory contract that deals with an actual message queue.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif MsmqTraceListener
Is a TraceListener that delivers the log entries to an message queue instance.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif RollingFlatFileTraceListener
Performs logging to a file and rolls the output file when either time or size thresholds are exceeded.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif RollingFlatFileTraceListener.DateTimeProvider
A data time provider.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif RollingFlatFileTraceListener.StreamWriterRollingHelper
Encapsulates the logic to perform rolls.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif RollingFlatFileTraceListener.TallyKeepingFileStreamWriter
Represents a file stream writer that keeps a tally of the length of the file.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif TraceListenerCustomFactory
This type supports the Enterprise Library infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code. Represents the process to build a TraceListener described by a TraceListenerData configuration object.
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif WmiTraceListener
WmiTraceListener is a TraceListener that send a WMI event
Ee779630.pubclass(en-us,PandP.10).gif XmlTraceListener
A TraceListener that writes an XML.


Structure Description
Ee779630.pubstructure(en-us,PandP.10).gif TraceListenerCustomFactory.TraceListenerCache
This type supports the Enterprise Library infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code. Holds a cache of already created TraceListeners.


Interface Description
Ee779630.pubinterface(en-us,PandP.10).gif IMsmqSendInterface
Specifies the contract for a Message Queuing interface object.
Ee779630.pubinterface(en-us,PandP.10).gif IMsmqSendInterfaceFactory
Specifies the contract for a provider of Message Queuing interfaces.


Enumeration Description
Ee779630.pubenumeration(en-us,PandP.10).gif RollFileExistsBehavior
Defines the behavior when the roll file is created.
Ee779630.pubenumeration(en-us,PandP.10).gif RollInterval
Defines the frequency when the file need to be rolled.