CAML Query Tools

Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) is an XML-based language that developers can use to create custom views and query SharePoint lists. Because it can be difficult to write anything other than basic queries, many tools have been developed to simplify this task. Several of these tools allow developers to write CAML queries within a designer. This is similar to the way developers write SQL queries for many commonly used databases. The following are some of the available tools:

  • U2U CAML Query Builder. This Windows-based application includes a user interface for writing CAML queries.
  • U2U CAML Query Builder Feature. This is a SharePoint version of the U2U CAML Query Builder tool. It is installed as a feature; developers can use it to build queries directly inside of SharePoint.
  • Stramit SharePoint CAML Viewer. This is a Windows-based application that is similar to U2U CAML Query Builder.
  • CAML.NET. This is a .NET Framework assembly that provides an abstraction to CAML. Developers can use it to dynamically create queries with a set of .NET Framework classes.

For more information about CAML, see Collaborative Application Markup Language Core Schemas on MSDN.

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