Training Management Reference Implementation

The Contoso Training Management application demonstrates how the Human Resources group of Contoso Pharmaceuticals uses SharePoint to manage its training course offerings. (In the rest of this documentation, the Contoso Training Management Reference Implementation is referred to as the Training Management application.) Employees can perform activities such as enrolling in training courses and seeing the status of their registrations. For example, training managers can see any pending registrations that they must either approve or reject and then perform those tasks. To install the Training Management application, see Installing the Training Management Application.

To learn about the design of the application, see Design of the Training Management Application. This topic explains the operating environment, the structure of the application, and how the application uses a service locator.

To learn about how each of the use cases is implemented, see Training Management Application Walkthrough. This topic explains the code in detail.

After you install the Training Management application, you can upgrade it to add new functionality. You can also brand the site with the Contoso theme. To learn more about upgrading the application and applying the theme, see Training Management Application Upgrade.

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