The Security Application Block

Developers frequently write applications that must authorize users using one or more security providers such as Microsoft® Active Directory® directory service, Authorization Manager, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS), and custom authorization providers. These applications may also need to cache authentication or authorization data for the duration of a logon session.

The Security Application Block simplifies these tasks by handling them in a consistent manner, abstracting the application code from the specific security providers. You can even change underlying providers through configuration without changing the underlying application code.

The Security Application Block provides code that will help you with the following scenarios:

  • Authorization
  • Caching security-related credentials

This section includes the following topics that will help you to understand and use the Security Application Block:

  • What Does the Security Application Block Do? This topic provides a brief overview that will help you to understand what the block can do, and explains some of the concepts and features it incorporates. It also provides a simple example of the way that you can write code to use the block.
  • When Should I Use the Security Application Block? This topic will help you to decide if the block is suitable for your requirements. It explains the benefits of using the block, and any alternative techniques you may consider. It also provides details of any limitations of the block that may affect your decision to use it.
  • Developing Applications Using the Security Application Block. This topic explains how to configure the Security Application Block to perform common tasks and how to use the block in your applications.
  • Key Scenarios. This topic demonstrates how to use the Security Application Block to perform the most typical security operations.
  • Design of the Security Application Block. This topic explains the decisions that went into designing the Security Application Block and the rationale behind those decisions.
  • Extending and Modifying the Security Application Block. This topic explains how to extend the block by creating your own providers and how to modify the source code.
  • Deployment and Operations. This topic explains how to deploy and update the Security Application Block's assemblies and also contains information about configuration.

More Information

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