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May 2010


The Smart Client Software Factory provides integrated guidance that assists architects and developers to create composite smart client applications. These applications have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • They have a rich user interface that takes full advantage of the Windows® operating system.
  • They connect to multiple back-end systems to exchange data with them.
  • They present information from multiple and diverse sources in an integrated user interface, so that the data looks like it came from one back-end system.
  • They take advantage of local storage and processing resources to enable operation during periods of no network connectivity or intermittent network connectivity.
  • They are easily deployed and configured.




Smart Client Software Factory 2010
Smart Client Software Factory 2010 Source Code
Smart Client Software Factory 2010 Documentation

Getting Started

Getting Started with the Smart Client Software Factory 2010


Smart Client Guidance Community


System Requirements


Future Plans

Authors and Contributors

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System Requirements

Smart Client Software Factory 2010 requires the following:

  • Operating system:
    • Windows XP (x86) with Service Pack 3 – all editions except the Starter Edition
    • Windows XP (x64) with Service Pack 2 – all editions except the Starter Edition
    • Windows Vista (x86 and x64) with Service Pack 1 – all editions except the Starter Edition
    • Windows 7 (x86 and x64)
    • Windows Server® 2003 (x86 and x64) with Service Pack 2
    • Windows Server 2003 R2 (x86 and x64)
    • Windows Server 2008 (x86 and x64) with Service Pack 2
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) 2010

In addition, the Smart Client Software Factory 2010 Source Code requires the following:


This software factory, like many patterns & practices deliverables, is associated with a community site. On the Smart Client Guidance community site, you can post questions, provide feedback, or connect with other users for sharing ideas. Community members can also help Microsoft plan and test future offerings and download additional content such as extensions and training material.

Future Plans

At the time of publication, no new releases of the Smart Client Software Factory are planned. The patterns & practices team will continue to collect customer feedback and incorporate it into the product planning process and will be communicated on the community site and the patterns & practices roadmap forum.

Authors and Contributors

The Smart Client Software Factory 2010 was produced by the following individuals:

  • Program Management: Don Smith, Hanz Zhang (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Development: Fernando Antivero , Damian Schenkelman (Southworks SRL)
  • Testing: Meenakshi Krishnamoorthi, Anitha Ganesan, Ravindra Varman (Infosys Technologies Ltd)
  • Documentation: RoAnn Corbisier (Microsoft Corporation), Richard Burte (, Inc.), Sharon Smith (TinaTech, Inc.), Jennifer Burch (DCB Software Testing, Inc), Robin Shahan (GoldMail)

The previous versions of the Smart Client Software Factory were produced by the following individuals:

  • Program and product management: Blaine Wastell, Eugenio Pace, and Glenn Block (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Architect: Edward Jezierski and Wojtek Kozaczynski (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Development: Brad Wilson, Chris Tavares, Michael Puleio, Miguel Angel Saez, and Peter Provost (Microsoft Corporation); Brian J. Cardiff, Hernan De Lahitte, and Juan Elichirigoity (Clarius Consulting); Oscar Calvo (Artinsoft); Ezequiel Jadib, Ignacio Baumann Fonay, Jonathan Cisneros, Juan Arguello, Julián Dominguez, Mariano Converti, Mariano Szklanny, Matias Woloski, and Sebastian Iacomuzzi (Southworks S.R.L)
  • Test: Carlos Farre and Mohammad Al-Sabt (Microsoft Corporation); Ajit V. Mhaiskar, Aruppukotai Periyasamy, Deepa Javeri, Deiva Shankar UthayaSankaralingam, Gokul Janardhanan, Harish Peranamallur Natarajan, Kannan Munuswamy Ramajayam, Lavanya Selvaraj, Manivasagam Sundaravelayutham, Meenakshi Krishnamoorthi, Min Zhou, Pallavi Venugopal, Prasad Paluri, Rohit Sharma, Sandesh P. Ambekar, Saravanan Marappan, Sudhan Subramaniam Arunachalam Kanchana, Terrence Cyril Joseph Anthuvan, and Venkata Padmalatha Pappala (Infosys Technologies Ltd)
  • Documentation: Nelly Delgado and RoAnn Corbisier (Microsoft Corporation); Tim Osborn (Ascentium Corporation); and Tina Burden (TinaTech Inc.)
  • Release management: Kathleen Bystrom (, Inc.)

Many thanks to the following advisors who provided invaluable assistance:

  • Arvindra Sehmi, Brad Abrams, Christian Thilmany, David Armijo, David Hill, Edward Jezierski, Guillermo Villanueva, J.D. Meier, Keith Pijanowski, Matt Smith, Philip Reilly, Simon Guest, Simon Muzio, Srinath Vassireddy, Steve Lasker, and William Loeffler (Microsoft Corporation); Alejandro G. Jack (Southworks S.R.L., PD Officer, Southworks S.R.L.); Andres Aguiar (DeKlarit); Andrew M. Flick (Product Manager, Infragistics); Attila Hajdrik; Bartek Pampuch; David Francis (HBOS Plc); Jason Beres (Chief Technical Evangelist, Infragistics); Javier Martínez Álvarez (Architect, Telefonica I+D (; Kai Makipera (Software Architect, Volvo Information Technology); Kevin Herrmann (Henry Schein – PMTS Medical Division); Mark M. Baker (Chief Research & Development, BNA Software); Michael Sparks; Norman Headlam (Fidelity Investments); Rene Hautle (Senior Architect, Mphasis Corporation); Teddy Cineas (.NET Solutions Architect, Wells Fargo Bank, OXIONE); and Thomas Wyatt (Senior Software Engineer, Mphasis Corporation).