Sandboxed Workflow Actions

In SharePoint 2010, you can create coded workflow actions that run in the sandbox environment. You can consume these workflow actions from declarative workflows in your site collection.

One of the key advantages to creating sandboxed workflow actions is that you do not need to add authorized type entries to the Web.config file. The workflow action itself can be packaged and deployed as a sandboxed solution, and the declarative workflow can be created in SharePoint Designer by site users with sufficient permissions. This enables the users of a site collection to create and deploy their own custom workflow functionality without the involvement of the IT team.

Creating and deploying a sandboxed workflow action to a SharePoint 2010 environment involves two key steps:

  • Create a class that defines the logic for your workflow action.
  • Create a feature element manifest that contains the workflow actions markup that describes your workflow action.

The Workflow Activities Reference Implementation (Workflow Activities RI) includes a sandboxed workflow action class named, together with a feature manifest that provides the markup for the workflow action, CopyLibrary.