Stepping through Relevance training


In the Relevance Track tab, Equivio provides recommendations on how to proceed in the processing, with the following Next Steps. The implications are described below when each of the following is recommended as the Next Step in the Relevance training process.

Next Steps

  • Tagging / Continue tagging: File review and Relevance tagging performed by an expert for each file and issue within a sample.

    • Implication: An existing sample needs to be tagged.
  • Assessment / Continue assessment: Enables early validation of case issue relevance and a preliminary view of the relevance of the file population imported for the current case.

    • Implication: More Assessment is required or recommended.
  • Training / Continue training: Process during which Equivio learns from the expert who is tagging the file samples and acquires the ability to identify Relevance criteria pertinent to each issue within the context of each case.

    • Implication: The issue needs more Training; the next sample should be created and tagged.
  • Batch calculation: Relevance process in which Equivio takes the knowledge acquired during the training stage and applies it to the entire file population. All files in the pertinent file group are assessed for relevance and assigned a Relevance score.

    • Implication: The issue has stabilized and Batch calculation can be performed.
  • Catch-up: Relevance indicates when an expert reviews and tags a sample of files selected from an additional file load during a Rolling Loads scenario.

    • Implication: A new load has been added and Catch-up is required to continue working.
  • Tag inconsistencies: Process identifies, via an Equivio algorithm, inconsistencies in the file tagging process that may negatively impact the analysis.

    • Implication: The next sample will include files that have been tagged in previous samples and their tagging must be redone.
  • Update classifier: Allows the user to apply tagging or seeding changes.

    • Implication: Tagging and seeding changes can be applied without needing to manually run another Relevance sample.
  • On hold: The Relevance training process is completed.

    • Implication: No Relevance training is required at this point.

Although Equivio guides you through the process, with recommended Next steps at different stages, it also allows you to navigate between tabs and pages, and to make choices to address situations that may be pertinent to your individual case, issue or document review process.

It is possible to accept or override Equivio Next step processing choices. If you want to do a step other than the recommended Next step, click the Modify button next to the Next step and select another Next step option.

Relevance Track next step


Some options may remain disabled after unlocking as they are not supported for use at that point in the process.

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