Outlook 2007 Integration

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 will reach end of support on January 9, 2018. To stay supported, you will need to upgrade. For more information, see Resources to help you upgrade your Office 2007 servers and clients.

When Communicator 2007 is integrated with the Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007 messaging and collaboration client, you can:

  • View enhanced presence information about contacts.

  • Access the calling and instant messaging features.

  • Display presence status or Out-of-Office settings based on information in the Outlook Calendar.

  • Send an e-mail notification about missed or forwarded calls.

  • Save a record of your instant messaging sessions to an Outlook 2007 folder.

All of the Outlook 2007 integration features are enabled by default, but can be controlled individually from within Communicator 2007 or through Group Policy settings.


You may need to install an update to Outlook 2007 for Outlook integration to work properly. For more details, see Description of the 2007 Office hotfix package: June 17, 2007.

To enable or disable Outlook integration features from within Communicator 2007

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the Office Communicator Status area, click the Status button, and then click Options.


    • In the Office Communicator Title bar, click the Menu button, and then, on the Tools menu, click Options.


  2. On the Personal tab, under Personal information manager, select Microsoft Office Outlook from the list, and then select and clear the individual options as appropriate. Figure 2 shows the individual settings.

    Figure 2.   Outlook integration options in Communicator 2007


To enable or disable Outlook integration options using Group Policies

Registry Settings for Outlook Integration

Table 5.   Outlook integration options registry settings

Policy Description


Enables or disables saving of call logs. When this policy is present, the corresponding Options dialog box setting is unavailable.


Disables the loading of free or busy data from Outlook 2007.


Prevents Communicator from displaying Outlook 2007 information about free or busy states to other contacts.


Prevents Communicator from publishing the subject and location information of a meeting. This value is not used if DisableCalendarPresence is set, or if the Update my status based on calendar data option on the Personal tab is not set.


Prevents users from selecting or clearing the check box labeled Automatically retrieve Out of Office settings from Outlook on the Personal tab of the Options dialog box.


Prevents Communicator from saving instant messages.


Enables or disables saving of instant messages. When this policy is present, the corresponding Options dialog box setting is unavailable.