Configuring Internal and External Interfaces and Certificates for Edge Servers

Topic Last Modified: 2009-05-22

The external and internal interfaces of all Edge Servers must be configured to support traffic between external users and internal users. The settings for each interface are configured when you initially deploy the Edge Server. You can change any of the interface settings on this tab, or you can run the Configuration Wizard to change any of the interface settings.

Each Edge Server in the perimeter network has two network interfaces:

  • The internal interface is the interface to which internal Office Communications Servers connect to the Edge Server. It is used for communications between servers in the internal network and the Edge Server.
  • The external interface is used by external users (such as remote users and federated partners) to connect to the Edge Server.

Part of the configuration of these interfaces is configuring certificates for the interfaces, as appropriate. Additionally, certificate configuration requires configuring a certificate on the A/V Edge service to be used for A/V user authentication.

Configuring the internal and external interfaces and certificates of Edge Servers includes the following:

When you deploy your Edge Servers using the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Deployment Wizard, the wizard guides you through the process of defining your internal and external interfaces for each service. If you decide to change the configuration of any of these interfaces, you can do so in either of the following ways:

  • Rerun the Configure Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Wizard. For details, see Configure Edge Servers in the Deploying Edge Servers for External User Access documentation.
  • Use the Computer Management snap-in. The procedures in this section describe how to use the Computer Management snap-in to configure Edge Server interfaces. When using the Computer Management snap-in, all interface and certificate configuration for Edge Servers is done from the Edge Interfaces tab.