IncomingConnectionConnected Method

Handles incoming connection connected event.

Namespace: Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling
Assembly: Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll)


Protected Overridable Sub IncomingConnectionConnected ( _
    connection As SipConnection, _
    matchedDomainName As String, _
    remoteCertificate As X509Certificate _
Dim connection As SipConnection
Dim matchedDomainName As String
Dim remoteCertificate As X509Certificate

Me.IncomingConnectionConnected(connection, _
    matchedDomainName, remoteCertificate)
protected virtual void IncomingConnectionConnected(
    SipConnection connection,
    string matchedDomainName,
    X509Certificate remoteCertificate


  • connection
    Type: SipConnection
    The sip connection object.
  • matchedDomainName
    Type: System..::..String
    The domain that was matched from the allowed domains list.


This class should not get this event because it is not listening, but a subclass can.

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