SignalingSession Events

The SignalingSession type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public event InvitationAccepted Raised when the remote has accepted the INVITE.
Public event InvitationCompleted Raised when the INVITE process completes.
Public event MessageReceived Raised when a message is received.
Public event ProvisionalResponseReceived Raised when the session received a provisional response (101-199).
Public event Redirecting Raised when a redirect request is received.
Public event ReferReceived Raised when a new Refer is received.
Public event ReInviteReceived Raised when the remote sends a re-invite.
Public event RenegotiationToRefreshNeeded Raised when renegotiation is needed to refresh the session.
Public event RequestOrResponseReceived
Public event StateChanged Raised when the state of the session changes.
Public event TerminatedByRemote Raised when the remote side terminates the session by sending a goodbye message.


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