SetConnection Method

Sets the connection to use for the outgoing signaling session before calling [Participate].

Namespace: Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling
Assembly: Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll)


Public Function SetConnection ( _
    proxyHost As String, _
    port As Integer, _
    transport As SipTransportType _
) As RealTimeConnection
Dim instance As SignalingSession
Dim proxyHost As String
Dim port As Integer
Dim transport As SipTransportType
Dim returnValue As RealTimeConnection

returnValue = instance.SetConnection(proxyHost, _
    port, transport)
public RealTimeConnection SetConnection(
    string proxyHost,
    int port,
    SipTransportType transport


Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling..::..RealTimeConnection
The [RealTimeConnection] object that was created.


Exception Condition

Thrown when a transport error occurs while sending a response.


The initial INVITE for the session uses this connection instead of getting the connection based on endpoint settings. This method can be used only for the [SipPeerToPeer] endpoint. Signaling sessions for [SipEndpoint] use the connection maintained by [SipEndpoint]. The transport specified for the connection should be as secure as the transport needed to send the INVITE or else the [Participate] method call can fail.

This is an advanced API. To work properly, the application should call this method before every redirect as well. The [RedirectReceived] event callback handler in the application should use TryThis and call this method before returning.

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