CopyTo Method

Copies the elements of the ReadOnlyDictionary to the System.

Namespace: Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.AudioVideo
Assembly: Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll)


Public Sub CopyTo ( _
    array As KeyValuePair(Of K, V)(), _
    arrayIndex As Integer _
Dim instance As ReadOnlyDictionary
Dim array As KeyValuePair(Of K, V)()
Dim arrayIndex As Integer

instance.CopyTo(array, arrayIndex)
public void CopyTo(
    KeyValuePair<K, V>[] array,
    int arrayIndex



ICollection<(Of <(<'T>)>)>..::..CopyTo(array<T>[]()[][], Int32)


Array, starting at a particular System.Array index.


[T:System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException]: Thrown when arrayIndex is less than 0.

[T:System.ArgumentNullException]: Thrown when array is null.

[T:System.ArgumentException]: Thrown when array is multidimensional, or if arrayIndex is equal to or greater than the length of array, or if the number of elements in the source ReadOnlyDictionary is greater than the available space from arrayIndex to the end of the destination array, or if type T cannot be cast automatically to the type of the destination array.

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