MediaProvider Properties

The MediaProvider type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property IsEarlyMediaPreferred Gets or sets the flag to indicate if an incoming call must do early media renegotiation before sending 200-ok response.
Public property IsEscalationSupported Gets or sets the value of a flag to indicate if mediaprovider supports the escalation from a two party call to conferencing.
Public property IsMcuSupported Gets or sets the value of a flag to indicate if media provider supports behaving as an MCU.
Protected property SrtpEncryption Gets the value that determines how the client makes and receives encrypted AV calls.
Public property SupportedMediaTypes List supported Media names, which are acceptable m-lines in sdp offer/answer.
Protected property Voice802_1p Gets provisioned value for voice 802_1p.
Protected property VoiceDiffService


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