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A collection of Messages for a single chat room, which match the requested ChatHistoryQueryOptions. Returned as the result of a chat history query.

The ChatHistoryResult type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property ChatRoomName Gets the name of the chat room for the messages contained in this instance.
Public property ChatRoomUri Gets the URI of the chat room for the messages contained in this instance.
Public property ExceededServerLimit Gets a value indicating whether the query results exceeded the server limit. If the limit was exceeded, an additional page of results may be obtained by setting the StartingMessageID to the MessageId of the last message found in this result set.
Public property Messages Gets the collection of messages which matched the query.
Public property SearchResultsCount Gets the total count of messages which matched the query. Due to server limits, the result may not contain all matching messages. If the result set was truncated, ExceededServerLimit will be true.



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