Microsoft Unified Communications AJAX 2007 SDK

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Microsoft Unified Communications AJAX SDK (2007 Release) includes the following components:

  • Unified Communications AJAX API is an application programming interface to Communicator Web Access. The API is composed of methods and events. A client sends a method as a request to a Communicator Web Access server and the client receives data as events from the server. Requests and events are specified as an XML element. The communication is conducted primarily as HTTP POST requests with HTTP GET requests in individual scenarios. Unlike applications designed as Web Services, Communicator Web Access Server will not parse SOAP messages, nor does it provide a WSDL document for consumption by client application development tools. There are two advantages to this approach. Most importantly, it avoids the overhead created when JavaScript code must generate or parse larger SOAP documents. Secondarily, a general knowledge of XML rather than specific knowledge of SOAP messages is sufficient to be successful with the Unified Communications AJAX SDK.

  • Unified Communications JavaScript Libraries based on the AJAX service. These are JavaScript classes that encapsulate the commonly used functionality required of a Unified Communications JavaScript Libraries Client. The common functionality includes creating and maintaining the communication channels, signing in to a server, embedding the display of a user presence in a Web page, starting an IM conversation, and so on. Using the libraries, an application developer can create a Unified Communications JavaScript Libraries Client by simply instantiating the libraries, setting appropriate properties, and invoking the desired methods.

The Communicator Web Access Server provides access to Unified Communications functionality.

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