IUccPresentity Interface

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Encapsulates a publisher of category instances.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi (in microsoft.office.interop.uccapi.dll)


Public Interface IUccPresentity
    Inherits IUnknown
public interface IUccPresentity : IUnknown
public interface class IUccPresentity : IUnknown
public interface IUccPresentity extends IUnknown
public interface IUccPresentity extends IUnknown


This interface includes properties for discovering the categories published by a user as well as information about the user. From the user related properties, a client can discover the following properties:

  • Is the publishing user the local user?

  • The source network of the publishing user.

  • The Uri-related properties of the publishing user.

  • The application context associated with the publishing user.

  • The categories published by the user.

An instance of IUccPresentity can be obtained from an instance of IUccSubscription by calling into CreatePresentity. A client can also obtain a reference to the interface from a Presentity property exposed by IUccCategoryInstance, IUccCategoryContext, _IUccPresentityEvents, and IUccSubscriptionEvent.

To receive this user's published presence category information, a client application must advise for:

The presentity event handler for OnCategoryContextAdded is the best place to advise for _IUccCategoryContextEvents events. Each time the client receives OnCategoryInstanceAdded, the event handler must advise for _IUccCategoryInstanceEvents for the new category instance.

An instance of IUccCategoryInstance received in a OnCategoryInstanceValueModified event provides the actual presence data published by the presentity whose events initiated the chain of presence information-related events.

Win32 COM/C++ Syntax

interface IUccPresentity : IUnknown


The following example accepts an instance of IUccSubscription and a UccUri instance representing the local user. The subscription instance is utilized as a factory object for a new presentity representing the local user. Note that the example immediately advises for _IUccPresentityEvents, specifying the class private field this.selfPresentity as the event source and the class itself as the presentity event sink.

private void StartPresentityEventsChain(UccUri localUser)
   //IUccPresentity  this.selfPresentity is class scoped private field 
   this.selfPresentity = CreateSelfPresentity(

private UccPresentity CreateSelfPresentity(IUccSubscription selfSubscription, UccUri localUser)
   UccPresentity returnValue = null;
   if (selfSubscription == null || localUser == null)
      throw new ArgumentNullException();
   returnValue = selfSubscription.CreatePresentity(localUser, null);
   return returnValue;


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