Recipient Update Service

Recipient Update Service

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The Recipient Update Service (RUS) is a Microsoft® Exchange 2000 service that updates recipient objects within a domain with specific types of information. For example, the RUS updates recipient objects with e-mail addresses and address list membership at scheduled intervals. Usually an administrator is responsible for determining the intervals at which this service runs.

When you modify or create a recipient policy, the e-mail addresses for the address types that you have modified or added will be generated the next time the RUS is scheduled to run. The RUS only processes changes that were made since the last time it was run, so it is very efficient. For more information about recipient policies, see .

You must have at least one RUS for each domain in your organization, and it must be run from a server running Exchange 2000 Server.

To schedule the Recipient Update Service

  1. Open the Exchange System Manager and select Recipient Update Services under the Recipients node.
  2. The right pane contains at least two RUS entries, one of each type. One type of RUS processes Exchange system objects in the Configuration container of Microsoft Active Directory®. The other type of RUS processes recipients in a domain. This type of RUS has an instance for each domain and is responsible for handling recipient policies. Double-click the domain RUS that you want to configure to see its Properties page.
  3. Click the General tab and you will see a field labeled Update Interval:. By default, this is set to Always Run, which means that recipient policies are automatically reapplied whenever they are modified. This can take up to an hour.
  4. To modify the update interval, choose another interval from the drop-down menu, or click Customize. Click OK to exit the Properties page.

To override the Recipient Update Service and apply a recipient policy immediately

  1. Open the Exchange System Manager and select Recipient Policies in the Recipients node.
  2. Right-click the recipient policy that you want to apply, and click Apply This Policy Now.

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