Synchronous Events

Topic Last Modified: 2006-06-11

Synchronous events are processed in the context of an OLE DB transaction and occur before the item has been committed to the Exchange store. Each synchronous event is called twice, once for the begin phase, and once for the commit or abort phase. The begin phase is called first for all qualifying sinks. Then the commit or abort phase is called for the same sinks. Exchange waits for each synchronous event sink to finish before calling the next.

There are two synchronous events that fire in the Exchange store: OnSyncSave and OnSyncDelete.

Name When the event fires


When an item is saved to the store, before the changes are committed.


When an item is deleted from the store, before the deletion is committed.

The save and delete events also handle other events, such as moving or copying an item. Copying an item in a store generates a save event. A move causes both the save and delete events.