Lync 2010 Conversation Window Extension

The Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Window Extension (CWE) is an embedded browser that allows display of a contextual application with a Lync 2010 conversation. CWE provides a hosting environment that supports traditional and rich Internet applications. To display a Microsoft Silverlight application in the CWE, embed the application in an HTML page. For more information, see Walkthrough: Write a Silverlight Application for the Conversation Window Extension (Lync 2010 SDK).

Figure 1. Conversation Window Extension

Extensibility window

Opening Conversation Window Extension

CWE opens programmatically in the following scenarios.

CWE can also be opened manually by selecting an application from the contact card Options menu. For more information, see Adding Custom Commands to Lync 2010 Menus.

Closing Conversation Window Extension

To close CWE, click the Close button on the tab at the bottom of the window, or use the CloseExtensibilityWindow method to close the window programatically. Otherwise, Conversation Window Extension closes when the conversation window closes.

Conversation Window Extension Size

There are two ways to specify CWE dimensions:

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